Introducing our Reactive team! - ReactiveConf
GENERAL UPDATE | 6 months ago

Introducing our Reactive team!

It is our pleasure to organise such a conference for you!

Everybody knows Miki:The heart of this conference, the leader and visioner.

But do you know the rest of the team? There are 4 more people who stand behind ReactiveConf 2019.

Kristina:Your tickets master, concierge and speakers’ coordinator. Have a question? Ask Kristina πŸ™‚

Miska: Operations manager. The one who is responsible for your comfort including venues, catering and merchandising. Bless her πŸ™‚

Michaela: Chief of stuff. Helping the project and team not to lose control and focus.

Sunethra: Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. If you feel or see any harmful behavior online or live, feel free to contact her at

Last but not least
Matej: Captain Meetup who brings you a bit of Reactivity all year.

Each one of them:

  • represents an important part of the team and the conference’s preparations,
  • tries to deliver the best service,
  • is willing to help you.