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SPEAKERS UPDATE | 4 months ago

We Call for Speakers!

Preparations for ReactiveConf 2019 have already started!

… And what are the preparations without getting the right speakers…? That is why CallForPapers are open too.

This year we would like to focus on these topics:

  • Blockchain or cryptocurrency related topics
  • GraphQL & similar technologies
  • ClojureScript world
  • Flow, TComb, and other type related stuff
  • Datomic
  • Performance
  • HTML Canvas
  • Styling & Animations (e.g. css in js, css modules, …)
  • Data Visualisation (e.g. Shirley’s talk in 2017)
  • Webpack
  • Dart & Flutter
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • PWA
  • Design
  • Zeit, Gatsby (serverless, static rendering)

Are you interested, educated or expert in any of these?
Or are you interested in holding a workshop?

Let us know! 🙂

Send an email to speakup@reactiveconf.com with your talk/ workshop proposal (name, abstract) , and video of you presenting if you’ve got any.

We will go through all the papers in summer and choose the best proposals. 🙂