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Every good story starts with a crazy idea. And we, a bunch of developers and tech enthusiasts from Vacuumlabs, got one in 2015. We got soaked up in a new web framework called React and just could not resist sharing our excitement with the rest of the IT community. Every good story also has a plot. Our plot was to organize the very first ReactiveConf for 500 people in just 90 days. And we successfully did it, because where there’s a will, there’s a way. And also a lot of sweat, tears and hard work! But honestly that was just a beginning…

ReactiveConf’s team has soon become a separate unit of our company, Vacuumlabs. We welcomed on board Miki, who embodies everything ReactiveConf stands for, and, who became the visionary chief and captain of the whole project in 2016. Miki took on the mission of connecting the European tech community while providing it with the latest global insights in web & mobile development.

We have come a long way since that year. We decided to add other technologies, made workshops more affordable, moved our event from Bratislava to Prague, hosted people from all continents besides Antarctica and each year, welcomed more than 1000 attendees and more than 60+ tech leaders to our world of transformation. The thing that we are most proud of is creating a place full of virtual and interpersonal interactions, including our workshops, chat zones with speakers, fun zones with our partners, parties, and ending with our yoga and cinema zones.

But we have never forgotten where we came from. That’s why, throughout the year, we support local developer communities in Central Europe. We organize meetups, hackathons, Lightning Cup talks, ReactiveExpedition and other events. Our goal is to keep the tech community vivid, strong and diverse. To this date, we have hosted more than 100 different events, with more than 5,000 participants.

Why we do what we do

That’s easy – we see tremendous potential in connecting the right people with the right knowledge. Bridging the gap between tech and business is just an added bonus. We deeply believe that sharing is caring.

Our mission

Connecting the European tech community through meaningful connections and shared experiences while providing it with the latest global insights in web & mobile development.

ReactiveUniverse is about all bleeding-edge technologies

Spoiler alert: React isn’t our only passion. We provide a snapshot of what to expect next in web and mobile development. We dabble in topics like ReasonML, Webpack, Elm, Clojure, RxJS, TypeScript, and GraphQL, among others.

Our team was born in Vacuumlabs!


A green heart of the conference, she is the chief visionary officer always striking us with new ideas.


The most enlightened person in our team. She is in charge of schedule, speakers, tickets, and communities.


Operation manager who has everything under control!


Sales associate; definitely the funniest person in our team.


Communication bee who makes sure we spread the right messages to the right channels.